Trust your music to an old skool sound engineer with experience dating back to the early ’80s.

I engineered many recording studio sessions with 15-25 piece orchestra, bands, a diverse lot of artists, did numerous live recordings, mixed and mastered countless projects.

 I was awarded 6 Ampex Golden Reel Awards.

And then I decided I wanted to be a pilot, flew all over the planet as an airline captain on widebody aircraft, yet I never stopped making music.
Now I am retired from flying, and back for you and your music for that finishing touch.
Why I am back? Because working with music is the best and most rewarding thing to do and I never grow tired of doing so!

Hello, my name is Sander Bos.
Let me Mix and Master your Music.

I am looking forward to help you make your Music ready to be sent out into the world.
Contact me here with a description of your project and I will reply with a proposal.

Thanks for visiting!

What can I do for you?!


Stereo Mastering

I will master your stereo file to perfection. You mix your music and make sure the version you send me is an uncompressed stereo file. This gives me much better control over loudness and frequency balance.

stem mastering

Stem Mastering

You did a great job on your mix, but in order to give me more freedom over loudness and frequency balance, you group your tracks into 'stems' so I can mix these for you. You send me a group of premixed tracks.



When you have heard your song hundreds of times you become 'deaf' to the final product. Fresh ears can be very useful to finalize your project to perfection. You send me all the separate audio tracks.