The Mixaer ToolBox

The Mixaer ToolBox is a small collection of very lightweight plug-ins made for use in DAW’s that have little or no stock plugins.
And it’s free!

I made this bundle specifically for Luna, the Universal Audio DAW, which is provided for free and is designed to use their proprietary UAD plug-ins and third party AU plug-ins, and presently does not have free little utility plug-ins.

The Mixaer ToolBox plug-ins provide basic and simple functionality without the need to open up a big and CPU hungry plug-in that is designed to do a lot more.

All the Mixaer ToolBox plug-ins are based on Blue Cat Audio software and are therefore sonically excellent and very CPU friendly. When there is no audio signal present, the CPU load is zero.

Presently the following formats are available: Audio Unit component.
VST, VST3, and AAX will follow soon.

I tested the plug-ins to function in Luna and Logic Pro X with MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave. Catalina prevents unsigned plug-ins to be loaded by applications, so that won’t work.

I have no Windows machines, so please provide feedback here if needed.


This bundle is distributed as Freeware and is not to be bundled and sold commercially.

If you like the plugins and use it a lot buy me a coffee here, I like coffee!